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Wireless fire alarm systems from Coomber Fire & Security
In the past wireless technology had not been a guaranteed solution to use for fire alarm systems in protecting old listed buildings where the need to keep cabling and containment to a minimum for the aesthetics and ease of installations, this was in the main for getting signal strength through thick walls and construction.

However, since the introduction of the EN54-25 standard, wireless fire detection systems have become a viable alternative to wired systems. In acknowledgement of this, Coomber Fire & Security Systems have become a trusted installer of the EMS FireCell wireless fire detection systems and equipment.
  Wireless Fire Alarms Somerset

Wireless Fire Alarms Somerset
About the systems we install
We have installed EMS systems for many clients in both the private and public sectors. So having confidence in installing such equipment with the pre installation signal surveys, no wires to the devices, with seamless extension is very much a feasible option.

The detection units communicate with the main control panel via radio (868MHz frequency). New units can be added in a minimal time; they are simply placed in their required location and registered on the central panel. This speedy integration makes FireCell a good choice for businesses who need fire alarm systems installed with the provision of extending their system and premises later if required. The FireCell wireless system is proving to be a popular choice for heritage or protected buildings where drilling, cabling and other modifications are not permitted.

However, it is just not for older type buildings. Schools, for example where a complete wireless fire detection system can be installed during a half-term break. This saves dramatically on labour costs; we can be in and out quickly with minimum disturbance.
Who would benefit from a wireless fire alarm and where have we installed them?
Hotels can also benefit of quick-install wireless fire detection systems. Hotel rooms can be equipped with the FireCell wireless system at the same time as the staff go in to clean a room. There is no need for a hotel to close specific rooms or wings and risk lost revenue, the FireCell system can be installed during the course of a normal day.

Depending on the premises size the system can be installed and commissioned in less than a day, compared to 1-2 weeks with a wired system. In addition, its parts are readily available, and you're not locked into buying proprietary batteries, which is often the case with other systems.
Wireless Fire Alarms Somerset
Example clients we have installed FireCell Wireless Systems for.

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