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Frequently Asked Questions

Does anyone pay any attention to Intruder Alarms?

Yes, burglars do. Intruder alarms are there to deter the burglar. If they enable the Police to make an arrest, so much the better. As long as your property is protected, that is what counts.

Do burglar alarms always go off?

No, although there are incidence of false alarms there is usually a reason for an alarm activation. Records show that a high percentage are related to user operations, very few false alarms are caused by equipment failure.

Will there be wires all over the place?

No, wherever possible all wiring is concealed, but this is dependent on the type and layout of your house. We have an excellent reputation for installing neat alarms.

How will pets affect a burglar alarm?

The system can be designed to allow for the movement of pets. Although, some compromise may be required by your pets to ensure good security.

Will a burglar alarm affect my insurance?

Often, most major insurance companies will reduce premiums if a NACOSS approved alarm is fitted.

Do my window/door locks satisfy my insurance requirements?

Only if they comply with the latest insurance and British Standard regulations. Most insurance companies will insist on these as a minimum insurance requirement.

What if there is a power cut?

Every system has a standby battery in the control panel. This should run the system for a minimum of 8 hours to comply with current standards.

How much will it cost me for a survey and a quotation?

All surveys are free. We will send you a written quotation, after that it is up to you to contact us. We never chase a customer for work, although we do appreciate a call to let us know if you have chosen another installer so that we can destroy your paperwork.

Why are fire alarms so expensive?

Fire alarm wiring must be able to withstand high temperatures and flames. The equipment also has to have a high degree of fire resistance, the fire alarm has to work first time, every time. At the end of the day, what price would you put on saving a life.

What about a fire alarm system for my home?

It's possible to have a quality smoke detector wired into your intruder alarm system which can operate 24 hours a day regardless whether the intruder alarm is set or unset.

Why do I need so many keys?

You don't. It is possible to have one key which could operate all your locks.