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Police Alarm Response Taunton


Keyholders can include building managers or keyholding or guarding companies. They will be notified in the event of alarm activations and can take the appropriate measures to secure the premises after an incident and take any actions required quickly and efficiently to ensure that the impact on your business is kept to a minimum.

At Coomber Security we can provide complete system monitoring for your fire and security systems including intruder, fire, personal attack as well as building management systems.

"The police require that a person with a monitored alarm provides the names, addresses and contact details of at least two people, who live within 20 minutes travelling time of the alarmed property, to act as keyholders."

What a keyholder needs to know?

  • How to unlock the door(s) of the property
  • Where the alarm panel and keypad are located and how to use them
  • The alarm code number which you have been allocated (by the owner of the property) please memorise this and DO NOT write it down
  • The password for the alarm (used when speaking to the Alarm Receiving Centre Staff)
  • The telephone number of the Alarm Receiving Centre (0870 242 2220) and that of the nearest 24 hour police station
  • How to contact the property owner (this should include work and mobile telephone numbers and contact numbers when they are on holiday)
  • How to reset the alarm after an activation
  • How to secure the premises and re-arm the alarm system
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