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Access Control Taunton

Proximity Access Control

These systems usually consist of a magnetic swipe card reader, a door control unit, a door release mechanism and a power supply. Swipe card readers are fitted to one or both sides of a door to provide a secure means of access through the door. Access through the door is gained by passing a valid card through a reader. The card is checked by the door control unit and if valid, the door release mechanism is operated. Door release mechanisms are rated to suit the security level of the door. The power supply is connected into a local mains electrical supply and will provide power to the system.

Reliability of cards is good as they are 'passive', do not contain batteries and only energise when passed through a reader. With time/use wear can occur on both the card and the reader 'head'. This wear can lead to miss-operation and/or rejection of valid cards.

Readers can be prone to vandalism when fitted in 'public access' areas.

Mag swipe access control offers a high level of security as each card is unique and is allocated to one designated holder. Cards are extremely difficult to duplicate and have to be added to a system by an authorised person. Lost or unreturned cards are simply deleted from the system. Some systems can provide information and historical records on when cards have been used. This allows for the tracking of door operations/users, which is especially useful if there is a suspected security issue.

"This type of access control system can be seamlessly integrated into intercom systems, if required."