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Ensure you're adhering to current safety standards with the correct class and amount of fire extinguishers

Fire extinguishers save lives and help protect the future of your business.

Supply & maintaining all types of fire extinguishers

BAFE accredited fire and security company


Do you know what class of fire extinguishers are required in your building?

As part of the Fire Safety Order Act of 2005, all UK commercial properties are required to have at least 2 fire extinguishers per floor and be the correct class of system as well.

Fire extinguishers are broken down into 6 categories. Materials present in your building will determine what category you require.

Class A - Fires that involve materials such as coal and paper

Class B - Fires that involve flammable liquids such as petrol

Class C - Fires that involve flammable gases such as Butane

Class D - Fires that involve flammable metals such as Lithium

Class E - Fires that involve electrical equipment

Class F - Fires involving cooking oils

Fire Extinguishers Bridgwater


What type of fire extinguishers do we supply?

At Coomber Security, we supply all types of BSI kitemark-bearing fire extinguishers. These include:



Fire Extinguishers Bridgwater


Wet Chemical

Fire Extinguishers Bridgwater


If you are unsure on what type of fire extinguisher you require for your business, please get in touch with us and we will arrange a time to visit your property and walk you through the various options.


A basis service of your fire extinguishers should be carried out every 12 months

Should you have to use a fire extinguisher, you want to have total peace of mind that it is going to do its job and work. A basic service every 12 months will allow us to check for any damage or faults and ensure there are no leaks.

If you would like to book one of our engineers in for a service inspection, or would like to know where else we work outside of Bridgwater, please get in touch.


Don't hesitate when it comes to fire safety

We are experienced, competent and motivated specialists who are here to make sure that your building is safe from the threat of fire. We have over 30 years of experience and in this time have helped thousands of customers across the region.