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Protecting hard-earned investments and saving lives

Ensure your business is complying with the law with the assistance of Coomber Fire & Security.

BAFE approved fire protection company

Fire extinguisher supply, servicing and training


A small, simple extinguisher is all that you may need to save dozens of lives

UK businesses are required by law to display appropriate fire extinguishers on each floor of their building. In the event of a fire and it is safe to do so, there is an appropriate tool there for someone to use and stop the fire from spreading.

There are 6 different classes when it comes to fire extinguishers, these are:

Class A - Fires that involve materials such as coal and paper

Class B - Fires that involve flammable liquids such as petrol

Class C - Fires that involve flammable gases such as Butane

Class D - Fires that involve flammable metals such as Lithium

Class E - Fires that involve electrical equipment

Class F - Fires involving cooking oils

Fire Extinguishers Wellington
Fire Extinguishers Wellington


The types of fire extinguishers

As well as there being different classes of fire extinguishers, there are also different types of systems that will fall under each of the classes. These include:


Fire Extinguishers Wellington


Fire Extinguishers Wellington


Fire Extinguishers Wellington

Wet Chemical

Fire Extinguishers Wellington


Our experts are on hand to answer any questions that you may have if you are unsure on what type of fire extinguisher you need. For a FREE no-obligation quote, please get in touch.

Fire Extinguishers Wellington


Servicing and inspections ensure that your extinguisher will work in the event of a fire

If your fire extinguishers are faulty, you are not only putting your building and people at risk but you are also breaking the law.

Working across Somerset in areas such as Wellington, we offer a competitively priced maintenance and servicing package that is trusted by thousands of customers. We will visit your property at scheduled times throughout the year to make sure that there is no damage or leaks with your extinguishers. Should the worse happen and you have to use an extinguisher, our servicing package provides you with peace of mind that it will work and do its job.


We are here to make sure that you're complying with the law

At Coomber Security, we seek to ensure the worst doesn't happen to you or your business. For a FREE no-obligation quote, please get in touch with us.